The ISCB Student Council is led by an Executive Team composed of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and ISCB Board of Directors Representative. The Executive Team is elected by the Student Council membership body for a one-year term. In case you haven't had an opportunity to meet our talented and dedicated student leaders, we'd like to introduce them to you:

You can also read more about former executive team members. For a summary of the responsibilities of our officers, please visit ISCB Student Council Elections.

Pieter Meysman, Chair


"My main motivation to becoming Student Council chair is to give back to this excellent community that I've had the pleasure to be part of over the last few years." — Pieter Meysman

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Pieter Meysman is a post-doctoral researcher at the Advanced Database Research and Modelling (ADReM) group of the University of Antwerp in Belgium under the umbrella of the biomedical informatics research center Antwerp (biomina). Born from a Maltese mother and a Belgian father in 1985 in Leuven, Belgium, he stuck around long enough to obtain a Masters and PhD degree from the KU Leuven. Trained as a PhD in bioscience engineering and now integrated into a data mining group, he serves as a bridge between the computer science and life science world. His research focus is the creation and application of data mining algorithms on variety of biological problems, which span from systems biology to immunology. Key topics of interest include the DNA molecular structure and the evolution of regulatory networks. In addition, he is involved in the development of Colombos, one of the largest bacterial expression databases.

Pieter has been an active volunteer with the ISCB Student Council since 2011 when he founded RSG Belgium and was its first president. In 2013, he became the Web co-chair of the Student Council and has been involved in many of it’s activities. Most recently he chaired the third European Student Council Symposium in Strasbourg. As of 2015, he is serving as the Chair of the Student Council, representing the interests of young researchers in computational biology from all over the world as best he can.


Alexander Junge, Vice Chair


"My work within the ISCB Student Council strives to strengthen the network of every early career computational biologists by connecting them to peers all over the world."

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Alexander is a PhD candidate at the Center for non-coding RNA in Technology and Health, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

He enjoys working at the intersection of biology and computer science and his research interests include RNA bioinformatics, analysis of high-throughput sequencing data and machine learning. He also likes to talk about science, reproducibility and open research on Twitter. Alexander obtained a Bachelor of Science (2011) and Master of Science (2014) degree in Bioinformatics (Computational Molecular Biology) from Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany.

He first came into contact with the ISCB Student Council when he attended the ISCB Student Council Symposium 2013 in Berlin, Germany. He was very impressed by the excellent scientific level of the event and the opportunity to meet early-career computational biologists from all over the world in a relaxed atmosphere. After the symposium, he immediately signed up as a ISCB Student Council volunteer giving him the opportunity to help organizing the ISCB Student Council Symposium 2014 in Boston, USA. What he enjoyed most was working in an international team of young scientists aiming to represent the interests of students in computational biology all over the world.

Alexander serves as Vice Chair of the ISCB Student Council since January 2015 where he seeks seeks to continue the excellent work of previous leaderships.

Jakob Berg Jespersen, Treasurer


"My motivation for joining the Student Council is to be a part of this amazing global network, getting to know people in the field, as well as helping them connect with each other. " — Jakob Berg Jespersen

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Jakob Jespersen is doing his graduate research in the Lage Lab at Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, joint with the Protein and Immune Systems Biology group at Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark.

Jakob's Research is funded by the Lundbeck Foundation, and focuses on affected proteins from cancer mutations, their 3D structures, as well as their interaction partners. With a Bachelors degree in Human Life Science Engineering and a Masters Degree in Advanced and Applied Chemistry, both from the Technical University of Denmark, Jakob decided to transit into the world of computational biology, where he enjoys developing algorithms and parsing big data.

Jakob got involved in the ISCB-SC after meeting one of the previous leaders, and joining the ECCB in 2014 in Strasbourg. Jakob is one of the Founding members of the Regional Student Group in Denmark. In the ISCB Student Council he serves as the Treasurer with the goal to find sufficient funding to make the next Student Council Symposium a success.


Farzana Rahman, Secretary




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Farzana Rahman is a PhD Student in Genomics and Computational Biology research group at the University of South Wales. Her research interests include translational genomics and personalised medicine. She is currently working on developing and using bioinformatic approaches to elucidate the roles of gene families and networks relating to cell development and pathogenesis .

Farzana became involved with ISCB-SC after attending the ISMB/ECCB 2013 in Berlin. She chaired the Student Council Symposium 2014 in Boston. She is one of the founding members of Regional Student Group in the UK. As the secretary of Student Council leaders, she aims to improve the information governance and maintain or improve cohesiveness in overall organisational structure.


Sayane Shome, RSG committee Chair



Email Sayane or visit Sayane's LinkedIn page.

Sayane Shome is a Ph.D. student in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Program at Iowa State University,USA under the guidance of Dr. R.L. Jernigan. Her area of research interest includes the development of computational models for better understanding of protein structures and their functions.Previously, she has obtained Bachelors of Technology with majors in Bioinformatics from Vellore Institute of Technology, India.

Her association with ISCB-SC started in 2010 as a volunteer when she joined the core team of Regional Student Group-India.Later, she has served as President for RSG-India for the term 2012-14 and simultaneously has been equally involved in volunteering for Student Council related activities, for instance, being a part of program committee for ISMB-Student Council Symposium 2013 and 2014 respectively.

As RSG Committee Chair,she looks forward to expanding RSGs to newer regions and introduce initiatives which are beneficial for the growth of current RSGs and promote networking within and amongst the RSG


Darbha Anupama Jigisha, ISCB Board of Directors Representative


"My goals for the coming year are to continue the excellent work of past teams and increase the impact of the student council on the student community of computational biology." — Anupama Jigisha

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Anupama is currently a graduate student in bioinformatics at the University of Geneva and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics in Geneva, Switzerland. With plans to pursue a PhD in Bioinformatics, Anupama's work focuses on yeast genomics, and to this end her research encompasses data integration, statistical analysis and comparative studies. She hopes to eventually delve into viral genomics and wishes to see herself contributing significantly to the society through scientific research.

Anupama has been a member of the Regional Student Group India (RSG India) since 2008. She served as an RSG India team manager, and continued to contribute to the group as an advisor after her term ended. In 2009, Anupama received an ISCB Student Council travel fellowship to attend ISMB 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden, where she was able to interact with other members of the Student Council. Soon after, she joined the Student Council Finance Committee, and went on to become the committee chair for the next 2 years. As the finance chair, Anupama organized funds for Student Council Symposia in 2011 (Vienna) and 2012 (Boston) and for European Student Council Symposium 2012 (Basel). Through 2011 and 2012, she prepared the Student Council budget, recruited sponsors and drafted grants to meet the student body's financial needs.

The ISCB Student Council and RSG India are the first student groups Anupama has been involved in. For her, they have proven to be invaluable resources and support systems. Since she joined RSG India, she believes she has acquired valuable professional and interpersonal skills, and learned how to manage projects and responsibilities more effectively. She has been able to hone these skills further through her involvement with the Student Council, and has no doubt that she will continue to learn as a member of the executive team. Being part of this international organization has also given her the opportunity to network with her peers, discuss academic interests and concerns.

Anupama's goals for the coming year are to continue the excellent work of past teams and increase the impact of the student council on the student community of computational biology. With the help of the executive team, she aspires to increase membership, funding resources, awareness of the student council activities and also bring new opportunities to students in the field.


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