In 2006, the Student Council conceptualized 'Regional Student Groups (RSGs)' with the aim to promote interaction among students pursuing research in the field of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Over the past few years, SC has successfully established 26 RSGs globally and the number is on a steady rise. Presently, the RSGs comprise of more than 1500 members across the world. RSGs conduct regional events and meetings to promote the professional development of students. RSGs also aim to serve as a bridge between the local industry and academia by providing career opportunities for the students.

Interested in starting a RSG in your region. We will be glad to help you set up one. Please read our RSG Startup Kit .

Thanks to an allocation of funds from the ISCB, the Student Council is providing funding support to selected proposals for events or initiatives from RSGs. You can find more details here.

In case you have any questions please write to us at

You can also submit the RSG proposal online

Active Regional Student Groups



RSG Argentina RSG Australia
RSG Belgium RSG Brazil
RSG Central Africa RSG Eastern Africa
RSG France RSG Germany
RSG Great Lakes RSG India
RSG Italy RSG Netherlands
RSG Northern Africa RSG Ohio
RSG Pakistan RSG Spain
RSG Turkey RSG Western Africa
RSG United Kingdom RSG Switzerland

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