RSG Pakistan

Regional Student Group - Pakistan

RSG-Pakistan is an initiative to provide a platform for Pakistani students to train, network and endeavor in the field of computational biology and bioinformatics in Pakistan.

In line with the parent international body, the mission of RSG-Pakistan is to develop the next generation of pioneers in the field of computational biology in Pakistan. The aim is to provide an accessible platform for educational and career networking in this field and to act the springboard for entrepreneurial endeavors in the country.

Benefits and Services

  • Training opportunities, workshops, university projects and internships for bioinformaticians-in-training.
  • Professional networking opportunities to connect with experts in computational biology in academia and in the industry to reap educational and career benefits.
  • Forum to network with fellow students in Pakistan for collaboration in research and careers.
  • Centralized database of computational biology experts and professionals in Pakistan.
  • Free subscription to ISCB’s newsletter.
  • Overview

    Mr. Faisal Khan
    Oxford Protein Informatics Group, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

    Ms. Mahum Riaz
    Research Centre for Modeling and Simulation NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Faculty advisor
    Dr. Shahid Nadeem Chohan
    COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,
    Islamabad, Pakistan


    One Day Symposium of Computational Biology

    Join the facebook event for details!/events/110231772470146/

    Welcome New Members

    A very warm welcome to all the new members of RSG Pakistan (RSGP). RSGP is planing some amazing projects and events in the coming year, Keep in touch for the updates :) Have a nice time.

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