Directly preceding Tutorials' Day of ISMB/ECCB 2009
27 June 2009 @ Stockholm International Fairs


Presentation Guidelines

Poster Presentations

Attention Poster Authors: When preparing your posters please note that your poster should not exceed the following dimensions: 90 cm wide by 120 cm tall. There will be 2 posters per side on the each poster board. View a diagram of the the poster board in pdf format here.

Oral Presentations

Each presenter has 15 minutes for presentation and questions, so your presentation should be a minute or two short of 15 to allow for some questions.

We do not allow student presenters to use their own laptop for presentation due to time constraints. Please bring your presentation on USB-stick, or mail it to before the symposium.

Tips and Advice

If you are presenting a poster or if you present abstract orally we recommend you to have a look at the following articles: