Directly preceding Tutorials' Day of ISMB/ECCB 2009
27 June 2009 @ Stockholm International Fairs


Travel Fellowships

ISCB Student Council has teamed up with sponsors to give more students the opportunity to attend the 5th ISCB Student Council Symposium and ISMB/ECCB 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden. To achieve this goal we are providing travel fellowships to undergraduate, master's and PhD students from all over the world.

Travel Fellowship Winners

We received over 50 excellent applications, and it was not an easy task to select the best nine. It is our pleasure to introduce the winners of the 2009 ISCB Student Council Travel fellowships:

  • Nicolas Palopoli, Quilmes National University
  • Christian Solis Solero, Universidad Nacional
  • Sebastian J. Schultheiss, Friedrich Miescher Laboratory
  • Walter Pirovano, VU University Amsterdam
  • Samira Jaeger, Humboldt Universitat
  • David Thybert, University of Rennes
  • Yoon-Dong Yu, University of Oxford
  • Geoff Macintyre, University of Melbourne
  • Phil Hyoun Lee, Queen’s University


This year we are offering three categories of travel fellowships: EU, non-EU and developing nations. Students registered in a degree program in a EU/EMBC state can find guidelines here. Students registered in a degree program in a non-EU/non-EMBC state or in a developing nation can find guidelines here.

  1. Submit an abstract to the ISCB Student Council Symposium. Do not send your abstract with your application.
  2. Send an email to including the following details no later than April 9th
    a. Title and full list of authors of submitted abstract.
    b. A detailed budget for the support you are requesting with amounts for airfare, hotel and meals/miscellaneous.
    c. Applicant should submit their CV in NIH biosketch format. Download a fillable PDF from NIH website ( You can find a sample biosketch here
    d. Category (EU or Non-EU or Developing nation)

  3. You will be notified if your application has been approved or rejected for funding by May 10th. Details of receipt submission and check distribution will be included in notification letter.


All inquiries regarding the travel fellowships should be directed to