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Did you always want to get your own personal Student Council coffee mug or T-shirt? You can now buy these and other Student Council-branded items and at the same time support our work!

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The "20 Characters" Series

At the Art & Science Exhibition at ISMB/ECCB 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden, the image "Twenty Characters" was voted the best contribution. The artist, Kristian Rother, has kindly agreed to let the Student Council use his piece and derivated works on selected items in our shop.

The chemical structures of the amino acids were used to construct a set of 20 characters as an alternative one-letter-code. All important properties, like charges, aromaticity and sidechain size are represented in the symbols. Therefore, this character set allows perceiving similarity on a chemical level more directly than the Latin characters commonly used.




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How does this work? CafePress is charging a base price for all items, and we add a small markup to this base price. Depending on the product you buy, the markup is currently between $1 and $4 US Dollar. This is not much, but we think this is a great way for us to supplement our budget and for you to show your support for the Student Council.

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