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As the ISCB SC RSG Committee, we host researchers from all career stages to share their work freely as a webinar with the whole scientific committee.

We are currently accepting new submissions, submit your abstract before November 15!

Our webinars mostly take place on Tuesday and Thursdays at 16:00 CET. You can get notifications for the upcoming talks by subscribing our YouTube Channel:

An overview of the upcoming webinars is presented via this calendar

Join the team!

Webinar Team

Sayane Shome

Iowa State University, USA

Melike Dönertaş


Catalina Valdivia


Symbiosis Evolution research group, Jagiellonian University, Poland.

Yesid Cuesta-Astroz

University of Antioquia -  Colombian Institute of Tropical Medicine, Colombia

Nihal Babu

University of Skövde, Sweden

Joske Ubels

University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands

Khawla Seddiki

Laval University, Canada


National University of Singapore, Singapore

Pradeep Eranti

MLFPM ESR, Université de Paris, UMR1124, Inserm, Paris, France